AJD to Perfection

The fresh face of AJD
Azaro Jai Domroese joined the party at 12:46PM on Thursday August 5th!

We already have our list of pet names for our little Metal Tiger; exceptionally proud Big Brother Orlando tapped into the family meme while excitedly anticipating his impending sibling, patting Mummy’s tummy & lovingly whispering to his ‘Boo Babe’ (Grandma Dawn was a Boo, & Daddo too). Somehow that has expanded into Boocious, which is fun to say. Mummy tends to favour ‘Snuffy Peaches’, but we forgive her. Daddo likes to say Azaro, but sometimes just Zo does the trick. So it goes. Baby Azaro Boocious Snuffy Peaches Zo Jai Domroese weighed in at 3.765kg & was 49cm top to toe.

This babe was in an even bigger hurry to arrive on the scene than his big bro, but was every bit as considerate in his timing – no middle of the night panic for us. Mum woke up at the entirely civilized time of 7am with contractions spaced neatly 5 mins apart and rapidly increasing. Quick! Call Nanna and ask her to take Orlando to daycare – maybe she can drop us off at the hospital too? The big tub was ready by the time we arrived and Mum wasted no time getting into the water. Our student midwife Martha (with synchronous ties to Portland and Fairbanks) arrived not long after and we were well and truly on our way to baby. Brian was on non-stop hair-stroking duties until with one almighty push (and Mum is a bit embarrassed about this, although she can’t really explain why. It seems a bit unladylike, maybe?) Zo quite literally exploded into the world. Or perhaps it was more like a Tiger pouncing? In any case, it’s a good thing Martha can catch!
Sleepy bubbers
And yes, Mum can still walk. She’s quite fine, really.

Orlando meets Azaro Orlando is smitten. He loves being a Big Brother, but even more, he adores his Little Brother. Every day we hear at least once “Mummy, thank you for making me my Boocious Babe.” O is extremely gentle with Zo, calling him “sweetie pie” and stroking his cheek. Despite preparatory conversations, O often over-sympathizes when Zo cries.

The Trauma!!

All in all we are settling nicely. Azaro is a very sweet natured baby. He has a penchant for his Daddo’s night-owl habits, but the sleep mode reprogramming is beginning to show results. Bubby has had amazing head control from day one. His adorable little face changes daily, he has wonderfully long fingers (and toes!) a full head of dark hair and the softest cheeks. Mum was super excited to see his amazing peepers. Go Green Eyes!!
Second Mate Azaro

8 thoughts on “AJD to Perfection

  1. Delicious!!! So excited to get a baby update and it was well worth it! Well done guys and well done one push mummy!!! Very impressive xxxx

    The name rocks a lot too 🙂

  2. Once upon a time, when Daddo was just about Orlando size, I got very sad about something and started to cry. Imagine my horror when my precious little boy burst into hysterical tears! So, ever after, I have tried not to cry in front of my son.

  3. hey,
    it’s a big 4 way love machine at your place !!
    pictures are so beautiful and what an amazon-birth lady you are aurelia !
    big love, marie

  4. They are adorable. Hopefully they will get to meet their cousins who live Stateside. Daniel’s girls are close to their ages with Sarah’s children being a bit older. Congratulations and best wishes to all of you!
    Aunt Wendy

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