getting to know the enemy: alice blanch

Alice Blanch has a blog that I think is just so clever, I’m going to do some appropriating. She keeps an online introduction to photographers whose work she admires titled getting to know the enemy. Such a smart way to introduce brilliant, covetous work. Given that I plan to *ahem* borrow the idea as a topic category for this blog (geez I hope that’s ok with you Alice?) I think it’s only fair that she’s the first ‘enemy’ I introduce you to. Plus, her work is amazing.

Alice Blanch - Box Brownie Panorama
Alice Blanch - Box Brownie Panorama
Alice Blanch - Box Brownie Panorama
Alice Blanch - Box Brownie Stills
Alice makes absolutely swoon-worthy images. I love her unconventional use of old box brownie cameras. Her artistic vision is dark and romantic and peppered with little photography asides. Somehow the work never feels nostalgic – more like a dream we might have shared, rather than a faded memory.

You might also be interested to know that Alice is a radical crafter, makes the sweetest wheat-bag friends, and never holds back in giving her opinion which is often insightful and straight from the heart (big love for that last one). Also, unless I’ve managed to upset her by stealing her excellent idea, we’re going to do a swap! I think one of the best things about being a creative person is swapping work with other artists. It would be even better if I could front the cold, hard, cash. True.

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