Goonies Never Say Die

On our last day in P-town, we knew we had to rent a car to get our bums up to Seattle to meet up with Jamie-san & catch a flight to Fairbanks, so we decided to make the most of it with a just-like-old-times road trip to the coast.

Cannon Beach is where we’d go to get Aurelia a fix o’ the seaside when she was particularly homesick. Brimming with Northwestern seaside charm & tourist trappery, we managed to find the best place to have some brunch.

You may be familiar with Haystack Rock, once seen on the silver screen in the background as Mikey sights up the Fratelli’s hideout in search of One-Eyed Willie’s lost treasure.

Reya says “It is mandatory for members of my family to visit Cannon Beach & do a little happy dance!”

Sneaking like a tiger in the long grasses is also acceptable.

Before we left town, we dropped in on Steidel Art Studios & scored some great prints, like this one (although the colours aren’t all blown out on ours), & we probably gutsed a bunch of saltwater taffy too.

Next up: Alaska!

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