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Radio interview! Saturday the 24th of December, 2011 @ 10:30am on Radio Adelaide Arts Breakfast (digital radio & 101.5fm)

anamorphosis installation in Kaurna Building, University of South Australia

anamorphosis installation views in Kaurna Building, University of South Australia

Nikki Marcel of Radio Adelaide has invited me to speak about my current optical illusion installation brainstorm in the Kaurna Building, City West Campus @ the University of South Australia on her Art’s Breakfast radio program.

Pretty exciting/terrifying! Last time I was asked to do a radio interview I really messed it up. It’s pretty keen to be invited to talk about my research though! Nikki saw the anamorphic stairwell installation and was intrigued enough to check out my website. She thinks people will be interested to hear about my project and the idea of photographic truth (and all kinds of truth too) being dependent on viewpoint – which is (a part of) what my Masters research is about, and what this installation is intended to illustrate. I think that means my work is working :sun: :duck:

installation view from the "sweet spot"

"brainstorm" optical illusion installation

This is the installation when viewed from the right position, which is outside the lifts on Level 4. The images up at the beginning of this entry show you how the installation looks very different if you approach it from other angles – along the hallways or even from the top of the stairs on Level 5.

I won’t talk about the how and why here, but if you listened to the broadcast and/or have some questions or comments please leave me a note below. I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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