Big Guy is 5

Happy 5th Birthday Orlando! For me it’s hard to reconcile that 5 years have passed already since we brought that starry eyed little love home from the hospital, but after a brief conversation with Himself sometimes it’s more perplexing that he isn’t much older. Orlando is a practical little gentleman, thoughtful and sincere, as well as being capable of Maximum Silly.

For example, I was distressed in the week(s) leading up to going to New York. How was I going to leave my babies? I was teary and a bit maudlin until Orlando gave me a little pep talk one morning as we were getting ready to go to school. He explained that they would be ok at home with Daddo, and that I should be sure to not forget about them, to Skype often, and most importantly to get New York City all ready for their arrival in July. Well! If he was going to be so reasonable about everything, who was I to quibble?

Om nom nom

One thing I was not going to miss out on though, was the Big 5 Party. We held it a few weeks early and, at Orlando’s request, the celebrations were held at our house. If you were anything like me as a small person, one of the most fun parts of an impending birthday is picking out what kind of cake you’ll have. This year it had to be a red ladybird. Evil Aunty Delana was most enthusiastic about assisting with the decorating – we made a ladybird and her magical garden! The ladybird body was strawberry cake ( bug guts! ) and the head and little garden mounds were vegan carrot cake. Something for everyone. Most of the kids wanted the carrot cake, but maybe that had more to do with me calling the cake “bug guts”?

Orlando’s Ladybird Garden Birthday Cake

For games we played Pin The Tail on the Pikachu, we ate doughnuts hanging by strings from the washing line ( no hands! ), played Pass The Parcel (what’s with the prize on every layer thing? I don’t think it improves the game) and of course there was a mighty Treasure Hunt in the garden – which we’ve made into a very fun place for small people.

Treasure hunting

Delana made little sculpey creatures for our guests to take home, tied to their helium balloon party favours. I love home birthday parties! Especially when Orlando has such superlative taste in friends – what a great bunch of funny little loves.

Today is Orlando’s for real birthday and I don’t mind admitting to you that I’m having a hard time being on my own on the other side of the planet. 15 more sleeps until I can cuddle my wee wonders again. I don’t know if New York is ready for you, big guy, but come on over. They’re going to love you.

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