He’s Not A Baby Anymore

I didn’t realise that Zo was having a birthday party too, until he told me all about it. How he got the idea for an Alien Brithday party is anyone’s guess, I’m sure I’m clueless about the source of his inspiration but I do admire his style. Ever obliging Daddo whipped up Mister Alien Piñata as seen here, and we enlisted our regular crew of Small to beat the stuffing out of it.

Prepare to esplode, spaceman!

There was no way I was having 16 kids in the house again so soon after Orlando’s Epic 6, so we went with Quality Madness over Quantity.

I’m really getting into the swing of multi-food-preference/allergy birthday cakes, and lucky for me Zo wanted a Lamington Lollipop Birthday Train, which was super easy to dream up. A good thing too, as with my SALA opening the day before all my prep time had gone into that instead of cake making. No such thing as too busy in this house.

Combination vegan and gluten free lamington train cake

Some of the carriages were the magical Very Vanilla Vegan Cupcake recipie, covered with cocoa and coconut in the traditional lamington way, then scooped out and filled with nuts or dried fruit. For the gluten free carriages I baked orange friands and gave them the same lamingtony treatment. These were stuffed full of LOLLIES. Because lollies. Quite.

Happy Birthday Little Dude xxx

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